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Away from the flock strayed the Foolish Sheep,
To dine on some long, grassy fare.
On, on he went , though the pathway grew steep,
And led him to land that was bare.

"O, how will I live in this far away land?"
The Foolish Sheep cried in dismay.
"For I need the touch of the Shepherd's hand,
And His crook to show me the way!"

Look there, Foolish Sheep, the Shepherd draws near;
His strong, loving arms opened wide.
"Lost Sheep," He calls, His voice loud and clear.
"Lost Sheep, come back to my side.

Although, Foolish Sheep, you wander away,
I'll never forget you are Mine.
I'll lift you up, in My arms you will lay,
And rejoin the ninety and nine."

Virginia M. Gatton

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