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My name is Kitty Kat, but my friends call me KK . This is my very own web page. Granny May Bee - she's the lady I own - helped me because my paws kept hitting the wrong keys.
I own a dog too. Her name is Misty and she's okay though she doesn't always follow my rules for cat play. But what can you expect from a dog? This is her picture.


Some people don't like us cats much. A lady named Rita Rudner said, " Cats are a waste of fur." But other people had some good things to say. If you'd like to read them, click the kitty.


Take a look at some of my friends, then I hope you'll decide that us cats are people too!

I don't do mice.


I must be seeing things!
Dog? What dog? I don't see a dog.


Wanna come out and play?
Hummm....the neighbors put up a bird feeder.


The snack was good, now where's dinner?
You call THAT a dog?


I can't come out, I'm grounded.
Save some for me!


It's time for my nap now. Hope you liked my page.
P.S. I like to get mail. Just click the paw prints.
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