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"No cross for me," I bragged with scorn.
"Don't speak of Cal'vry's hill!
What need have I of Jesus?
I've vowed to do my will."

"Don't speak to me of sacrifice,
No cross will be my aim!
For I have set my lifelong goal
On pleasure, wealth and fame."

While I grasped for worldly treasures,
The time sped swiftly by.
"No cross for me!" still echoed -
A bitter, anguished cry.

Then amidst a life of ruin,
A life of wasted years,
My eyes beheld the cruel cross,
Through hot, repentant tears.

Now the cross to me's so precious,
Where Jesus' blood was shed.
O wond'rous love! No cross for me!
He bore it in my stead!

Virginia M. Gatton